Back to Basics offers tailored nutrition plans using whole food supplements to help you feel your best!

Nutrition Response Testing

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

  NRT Initial consult – $149       
Follow up visit – $39*    
 *Discounts offered on prepayment.

Nutrition Coaching with Muscle Testing

   What is Nutrition Coaching?
Initial consult - $150
   Follow up visit - $75

Nutrition Coaching only

 Consult - $70 each visit


Back to Basics is a nutritionally based practice using the Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) technique. 

Using this noninvasive, precise and scientific technique, you will determine the perfect plan for your body and start for your road to optimal wellness. 

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Other services include, but are not limited to:
  • Blood/Saliva Labs, 
  • Allergy Clearing
  •  Hair Analysis coming soon